Total Gym 1800 Club

Your guide to the Total Gym 1800 Club !


Total Gym is a fairly new fitness company , having been in the fitness industry for 11 years. Now they are a fast expanding company with over 1 billion dollars in sales and have been a success story for the fitness industry.


The Total Gym 1800 Club is one of the best home gyms brought to you by the folks at Total Gym and this home gym provides all kinds of workouts to tone and strengthen your muscle groups as well as improve your cardio fitness.


The Total Gym 1800 Club comes with many amazing features that you will like :


  • Larger glideboard for workout comfort
  • Auto Lock height adjustment
  • New Ab Crunch Board Attachments
  • Folds easily to slide under a bed or in a closet
  • A premium choice with a dramatic new color



The Total Gym 1800 Club comes with more than 60 exercise variations which help you build your lower and upper body as well as provide a wonderful cardio workout for your abs and core muscles as well.  The Total Gym 1800 Club comes with a wide level of incline levels which you can increase as you increase the intensity of your workout with time. There is also a pilates bar , for those who love doing pilates. The Total Gym 1800 Club comes with press up bars which help you build those beautiful shoulder and chest muscles. The Total Gym 1800 Club also comes with an ab-crunch board , which provides the ultimate challenging experience for your cardio ab workout and your core muscles. The home gym also comes with auto lock height adjustments which make your workouts hassle free and the home gym easy to use.


The Total Gym 1800 Club comes with a DVD featuring two amazing challenging workout programs. The home gym has a user weight capacity of 275 pounds which is amazing compared to many other home gyms out there in the market right now. The Total Gym 1800 Club comes with easy assembly parts which make it very easy to assemble as well as fold away for convenient storage.



Verdict : The Total Gym 1800 Club is a low budget home gym , which has many wonderful features. This Total Gym 1800 Club is very easy to use , low maintenance and very stable and durable and has more than 60 workout exercise routines. You would really love this home gym considering the price , the discount and the wonderful qualities it has to offer. We recommend this home gym highly. 


If you would like to go for this Total Gym 1800 Club then do click here to check it out.



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